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On Reddit, men were asked to explain. Lucky for you, they responded, and let's just say, you're about to feel really awkward for them. But, like, in a cute way — one that'll make you say, 'Awwww. That said, when we like someone and the lines of communication are open i.

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In fact, many of you have no idea what to say, or you rehearse it in your head only to start speaking and verbal diarrhea takes over, leaving you red-faced and confused at what you even said. Many others out there have similar difficulties when they're around the person they are crushing on. How many of these do you find yourself doing when confronted with your crush? Welcome back to having a crush in grade school. Of course, you think about him enough to notice all of his flaws right off the bat so you can spit them out when confronted.

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Your friends will notice this and heckle you even more. You are quite content being your awkward self over here and never speaking to him over there, because admiring him from afar is better than the impending doom of trying to strike up a convo. You sometimes hang out. And you totes text on the semi-regular. Imagine how your fingers are going to feel when you go into rapid-fire-text-him-too-much mode. Basically, we're all a.

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Guys are confusing, to say the least. It's so hard to figure out if they like you, and it can drive you crazy not knowing the truth. And other privileges and advantages as far as the beauty of the girl may have. I wrote this for all the other quiet girls out there. Here are 15 things all shy girls do when they have a crush on someone: 1.

Well, of course he is. You have exceptionally good taste in men!

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Guys can appreciate a good ogle but just be careful not to zone out. Because it can sometimes be interpreted as creepy. Think of the visual of tying a bell to a cats tail and watching as they chase it around and around in circles.

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  4. Whether or not they are there, you are constantly worrying about it. Tumblr blue eyed blonde twink sucking. Do they know I like them? Do they like me back?

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    I never should have told her. Should I text him? Take a deep breath, and catch the bell. And you just heard he broke up with his crazy girlfriend of four years and is on the prowl. What great timing for you to make your move. Similar to stage fright or fear of speaking, you suffer from the inability to even produce words when the person that you like is around.

    For you awkward girls out there suffering from stutter-itis, it is recommended that prior to seeing this person, you partially plan out a conversation topic to discuss that you feel comfortable talking about. Skinny gay boy cry deep throat. He said I looked nice. The good news is this: guys are simple creatures so what they say is usually what they mean. Humans develop many nervous gestures or twitches when confronted with uncomfortable situations.

    Some scrunch their nose, some fidget and others, like you, play with their hair. Some could argue that this nervous gesture makes you appear more feminine and less threatening and therefore, more approachable; others may argue that it makes you appear less intelligent, which makes you more appealing to men who want to be the more physically and intellectually dominant one in the relationship.

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    No seria gay! Y Hubiera mas de 1 gay por cada 10 hombres! Es un chiste! Es como el que dicen que si tienes la mano mas grande que la cara, es que tienes cancer! Saludos Y CUidate! Perdona a lino!

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    4. Hola bueno yo hace poco tiempo me compre un anillo en un festival que hicieron en mi ciudad. Y como me lo compre a las apuradas porque me tenia que ir y yo antes de irme me queria comprar algo. A mi el que me lo vendio me dijo que era un anillo de acero quirurgico y tiene un tribal que ocupa la mitad de el.

      Hoy a una semana del festival mirandome el enillo que me lo habia tenido que poner en el pulgar porque en los demas se me caia, sin embargo en el pulgar haveces se me cae tambien, se me havia dado por investigar sobre los significados de los anillos, y me quede inpactado en cuanto a lo que dice que los que usan los anillo en el pulgar son gay. Yo por ahora no me considero gay aunque hay personas que dicen que los soy y eso me molesta.

      COM me conecto todos los dias chau!!!!!! Me llamo andrea. La verdad entre a esta pag. Porque hace un rato una amiga me pregunto: porque usas el anillo en el dedo pulgar? Y pues le digo que porque en los otros me queda grande y ademas ahi me queda muy bien. Uso un rosario de plata!! Y pues ella me dijo que las personas que usan los anillos en ese dedo son gays. Cada loco con su tema!! Y eso es muy cierto de que las personas te etiquetan a simple vista. Y eso es de mala educacion.

      Hoy una maiga me dijo: Y ese anillo de de less en el pulgar que? La verdad no sabia el significado pero de lo que me he dado cuenta es de que en realidad tu le pones el significado que quieras o solo lo treas por gusto simplemente. De hecho creo que mi amiga me lo dijo por que ella es less pero ps cada quien en sus honda.

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      Ps bn gracias e todos modos por el post SALUDOS ah tambn llevo un anillo ancho en el dedo pulgar de la mano derecha me vale madresss lo que signifique o lo que piensen de mi. Ho0la yo0 tambien uso0 anillos en lo0s pulgares y lo0s uso0 po0r q me gusta co0mo0 se ven y lo0 q diga la jente me vale ps yo0 creo0 q cada quien debe vivir su vida co0mo0 se le pegue la gana y dejar q lo0s demas vivan la suya. Ami un amiga me dijo0 dicen q lo0s q usan anillo0s en lo0s dedo0s pulgares so0n gays po0r q no0 te lo0s quitas, y yo0 le dije ami me vale madre lo0 q digan lo0s demas y tu preo0cupate po0r tu vida q yo0 me preo0cupo0 po0r la mia.

      Hola yo tambien tengo un anillo de acero con un tribal completo,entre a esta pagina por que me dijeron lo mismo sobre los gays y del por q lo usaba alli. Bueno eso depende de la actitud de la persona y un simple anillo no hase a la persona, la persona se hase asi misma. Yo compre ese anillo en una feria resta en la universidad y de tantas cosas que me gustaron estaba el anillo y lo uso en el pulgar de la mano isquierda. Y que cual es el problema acaso para hacer todo hay que buscar alguna razon.

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